Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

My Responsibility

Life comes with responsibility and I am surely not going to sit back and not take that seriously.   My health, relationships, financial obligations, emotional and spiritual life all depend on me to take care of business.  If I were to sit around and not take care of my stuff then all of ME would be a big mess and that does not sound like a great place to be nor do I want to even go for a visit down that road.  Sometimes in life, and I have been there, we can be placed in a situation that is not in our control and the best we can do is to go through the process of fixing the problem which can take years.  I am thankful for the patience that it takes to get through those sticky scenarios, but the point is, I am responsible to persevere and take care of ME.

Imagine sitting back and thinking life is going to take
care of me without my daily choices and actions to make things happen�my health would be a mess, my finances would be in the toilet, I am sure my hubby would not like that person, and any other relationship for that matter would steer clear, and I would be an emotional and spiritual blank slate�YUCK and OH MY�NO WAY.  I am sharing that it is up to me to make the choices to be a healthy person, to put in the work to GET IT DONE, to plan, to cook, to move my body, to sleep, pay the bills, take my job seriously and be thankful,  love and appreciate my husband,  family and my God each and every day.  I am owed nothing and responsible to give everything�in a GOOD HEALTHY WAY.  Life has taught me to not believe in the �golden goose� that is to magically make everything fabulous, but to be my own �bronze goose� and do the best I can with the choices I make each day with the goal of not making magic happen, but making a HEALTHY life happen. 

I have said this before that life does not promise easy, but the effort put into your/my/our life is worth all that we give and put into it.  I do not sit around blaming my past, people, or circumstances and use that as an excuse to not be my BEST me and remain an unhealthy person, but utilize the circumstances of life to become a BETTER me, learning what I can through all journey that is good, tough, happy, sad�you get the point.  Let�s take a credit card for example, instant gratification without the work and it may feel great at the moment, but at what cost when the card runs dry�the inability to pay the bill, ruin my credit, stress me out, and ultimately make me an unhealthy person.  The other side of that coin and my preference is to be patient, save enough to afford the item and then make the purchase, and sometimes, I no longer need or want the item I have saved for.  My health is the same way, I can think that there is some quick fix pill that is going to make me into some fabulous fit thing, but just like the card, it is only instant gratification that comes at an unhealthy cost to my body.  I take the responsibility for my health very serious, and invest the time to take care of my body, prepare healthy foods, and exercise with what works for me.  This is a life LONG journey of patience and persistence to create the BEST healthy me and ultimately, my responsibility.  

I make the choice to WANT a healthy body and that
does take effort to commit to my exercise routine, plan my meals, and cook healthy foods daily.  I am a very busy gal and I have learned that time management skills are important in life, and choosing to say �NO� can be a good thing to not overburden my calendar and not allow for a healthy life.  It is about choices and responsibilities and knowing what I want and what I do not want, and going a step further to recognize the needs versus the wants in life.   The �old Darla� used to be a �YES� to everything gal and trying to please everyone under the sun�GUESS WHAT�unhealthy and why put myself through all that and for what point?  Being responsibly balanced has become important and allows me to live each day feeling accomplished, not overwhelmed, and have the ability to enjoy precious time that is meaningful. 

Being responsible means throwing all laziness aside and not waiting around thinking that someone else is supposed to do this for me.  Life is not about what others can do for me, it is about what I can do for me and should do for me.  The straight up truth about life is that �it is tough� as my Dad would say, and �it takes a tough person to get through it�.  The responsibility to be healthy in all areas is my decision and the choices I make determine how my body is going to look and feel from the inside out.  No magic involved, just responsibility.


I dedicate this Blog to my Dad for Father�s Day and also my beautiful Daughter to wish her a Happy Birthday!  Love to you always and I look forward to spending meaningful time with you.
Happy Father's Day Dad

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter
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