Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2016

Train Smarter not Harder

I like to make the most of my precious time. This means having a focused exercise program that fits into my schedule and works best for my body.

I believe in quality and not quantity when it comes to workouts. I perform exercises that challenge me but without risk of injury. It's not a fun place to be when exercise causes an injury. Especially when it stops me from doing what I like to do. 

I don't even like to feel a nagging pain caused by a certain exercise I should have avoided. I kick myself when my drive to perform gets in the way of listening to what my body is telling me at the time. It's those types of constant and repetitive things that can bring about a chronic issue. I say no thank you to that. What it comes down to is training smarter and not harder.

I don't need to prove anything to anyone with my fitness. I do want to maintain a healthy body that not only looks good but feels great for the rest of my life. What that means is keeping my routine simple, smart, and effective to get the job done. This is all I do to keep my body healthy, happy, and feeling good overall. 

Our bodies are fabulous machines that appreciate smart maintenance through quality movement and premium fuel for energy. A body that's in a constant state of overtraining using poor exercise technique will experience wear and tear. Eventually, this type of work will break down and create a body that doesn't feel good in the years to come. 

Smart training consists of challenging the anaerobic and aerobic systems, strength and endurance, stabilization and flexibility of our bodies. Simple programs can accomplish all of these goals and are necessary to create and maintain a healthy physique. 

The challenge doesn't have to be gut-wrenching feel like death kind of stuff. We simply need to push our bodies above the physical limits of what is considered our normal status.  Standing would turn into brisk walking for 30-minutes for example, or WOGing (walk/jogging). Combine that with resistance training and a stretch program to create a smartly balanced fitness program.   

When physical training is looked at simply and smarter, it doesn't feel so overwhelming. When the hard is taken out of the equation, a whole different mental game can be applied. A positive outlook of �I can do this� now enters the picture. 

Training smart makes creating exercise programs an easier process to best fit our bodies. It also gives us the results that make us healthy people. The goal is always to become our best healthy self each day. Wanting to accomplish this goal feels good when we apply smart training methods. 

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Be well and Stay Healthy