Kamis, 15 September 2016

Fitness is Not About Having All the Answers

Fitness is a process and an ongoing journey of learning. What works best for each of us is discovered through trial and error. There will frustrations and victories fine tuning our daily choices.  It's not about having all the answers because we never will. Our bodies will change and circumstances will happen. Through it all, the pursuit of health and fitness needs to continue no matter what. Quitting is never an option for us.

There is no free pass to fitness and it does come at a price. Many of us may think there is a quick answer to results. We gravitate toward pseudo-fitness believing the impossible and spend too much money on wasted gimmicks and unregulated supplements.

It's really OK to take things slow and enjoy the fitness ride along the way. We are works in progress striving to be better than yesterday. Mistakes are not seen as failures but opportunities to learn and grow. The mastery of adopting a healthy lifestyle stems from our mistakes and shows us the areas we need to change to reach our fitness goals.

We learn how to do adopt a healthy lifestyle through daily choices: what we eat and drink, how we exercise, time spent resting, and life balance. The opportunity is there for us and without excuse. Health and fitness come down to priorities and good time management.

Is your fitness taking a backseat to the busy going on in your life? How about negative self-talk keeping you from even trying?  Fitness is not about having all the answers. It does require you to want to change an unhealthy lifestyle. Something for you to think about.

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Be well and Stay Healthy!