Jumat, 30 September 2016

For Things to Change it Requires a Change

We can all get stuck in a rut, feel funky, or backslide on our health and fitness programs.  Burnout and frustration are top reasons for giving up and returning to unhealthy habits. Rebelling to changes required for a healthy body and lifestyle is also a common behavior. 

We're all walking a different fitness path but with the same goals of being fit. We want the look and feel of good health but really aren't putting forth a change to experience change. That is the truth with all things in life: change requires change. If we're unhappy with our health, body, or life in general, a deliberate choice to change needs to happen.  

Sometimes it's a difficult process to implement necessary changes to better our health and life. Our rebel self can surface and try to sabotage our attempts to do something great which happens more often than not.

Getting mad about it doesn't bring about what needs to happen. Making a promise to ourselves to change and following through with that change is what will make the difference in our lives.

I suppose if anger was channeled into positive action and motivates the change, then getting mad temporarily could be an OK thing. However, anger often leads to bitterness and a give-up attitude. It's best to remain positive while making positive changes. 

Change takes a choice and patience. It's also a focus on progress and not perfection. As we strive to change our health and fitness, it's important to realize it will be a journey and a challenge. Remember challenges in life are what change us. They are the learning tools of becoming a healthy person physically and emotionally.

The saying �do what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten� is true for life, fitness, and health. If we don't change what we do, we will remain in our same states of unhealthiness. We need to start owning the unhealthy parts of our life so we can figure out what needs to be done to change each area. 

Are you unhealthy, unhappy, stressed, anxious, angry or whatever question you want to add? Why and what needs to be done to change that? The goal for each of us is to implement the changes to create healthy change in our life. Once health is made a priority, you will start feeling better and stimulated to make even more positive changes. Improving our fitness and health reduces illness, enables us to handle stress, and creates a happier state of well-being. 

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Be well and Stay Healthy