Kamis, 06 Oktober 2016

There are No Free Rides to Fitness

Nothing happens without putting in some effort.  Sorry, no free rides to fitness. The choice is ours to make and we must accept the consequences of that decision. We can either choose to be miserable and unhealthy or healthy and happy. Our body will represent our choices. The answer seems so simple but many of us resist being healthy tooth and nail. People somehow feel fitness is a burden that removes all the fun in life. I find this perplexing.

How is feeling sick, tired, and in pain all the time a fun daily existence? Does this make any logical sense? Why is offering up some time, sweat and eating healthy food looked upon as the worst thing ever? Let's wake up America and embrace loving our body with what needs to be done to turn this around.

Fitness happens when we make it a priority, feed our body the right stuff, and exercise a few times per week. It's not rocket science nor does it cost lots of money. There's also room for indulgence, rest, and play. The vicious rumors of fitness not being fun are myths. The quick fix marketing schemes blasted everywhere want you to believe these myths to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. Sadly, many consumers fall for the unregulated snake oil companies are serving up with a smile. Fitness isn't about quick anything but a lifestyle of consistent healthy habits.

Ready for the fitness secret that's not a secret? Get your backside to the gym and workout, eat some greens, grains, lean meat, and drink lots of water. This is the payment for health and fitness. It's not hard and actually enjoyable once you get your mind right. Also, if you want a cookie, eat a darn cookie. Health and fitness mean living a balanced life. Being fit is not a brutal life of diets and exercise punishment. On the contrary, it's working out and eating right because it makes us feel good and healthy.

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Be well and Stay Healthy